GeoGreen Biofuels
GeoGreen Biofuels, Inc. produces and markets biodiesel
as a transportation fuel

GeoGreen is the first approved to operate biodiesel plant in the L.A. and Orange County areas of Southern California. Located just a few miles south of downtown Los Angeles in Vernon, CA, GeoGreen operates an efficient, modern plant which produces biodiesel for use as a transportation fuel.

GeoGreen's current production strategy is focused on biodiesel from various agricultural oils and biogenic waste oils including a small percentage of waste vegetable oil. Although, the company has the production capability and flexibility to produce biodiesel from many other sources including algal oil and other non-food based triglycerides.

Biodiesel produced by GeoGreen is considered an Advanced Biofuel and Biomass Based Diesel according to the Renewable Fuels Standard and provides a significant reduction in GHG, particulate and toxic emissions versus petroleum diesel.

Although there are numerous emerging technologies used to produce petroleum diesel replacements, the traditional biodiesel process utilized by GeoGreen is currently one of the most efficient and cost effective diesel alternative production processes.

Biofuels including biodiesel are for the foreseeable future, the only feasible alternative to petroleum diesel. Due in part to the efficiency of diesel engines and the high energy density of diesel fuel and biodiesel versus other fuels, more light duty clean diesel and diesel hybrids may be introduced into the U.S. in the near future. Heavy industry, including trucking and construction, currently has no feasible alternative to petroleum diesel other than biodiesel or renewable diesel. Biodiesel also has the potential to serve the marine and rail industries. Biodiesel produced by GeoGreen will be blended with petroleum diesel and thereby serve to displace petroleum diesel in the transportation sector.