Biofuel Products and Services From Geo Green Biofuels

ASTM D-6751 Biodiesel

GeoGreen markets to distributors, blenders and petroleum refiners.  The typical final blend of fuel available to industry and consumers is B5 or B20. Other blends and special procurement arrangements are available.  GeoGreen participates in the EPA Renewable Identification Number (RIN) program the California Air Resources Board (CARB) sponsored Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program.

Renewable Diesel R&D

GeoGreen is conducting R&D for the production of Renewable Diesel which is a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel.

Free Fatty Acid

Free fatty acid is derived from a vacuum distillation process and available in various concentrations.


GeoGreen's glycerol distillation process produces glycerol with greater than 90% purity.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Please contact GeoGreen to discuss biodiesel tolling and contract manufacturing options. 

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