Optimizing the Biodiesel Manufacturing Process

GeoGreen's technology strategy is to operate its existing automated transesterification process as efficiently as possible and maximize plant utilization while continually evaluating new biofuels and other production technologies for potential implementation.


Several related technologies used in the biofuels industry to produce alternative diesel and aviation fuels include biomass-to-liquid, gas-to-liquid, hydrotreating and enzyme processes.  Some of these technologies are viable for producing various biofuels and drop-in replacements to petroleum diesel.  Whereas biodiesel is not generally considered to be a complete drop-in replacement to petroleum diesel and is typically blended with petroleum diesel for on-road use.  However biodiesel produced efficiently and that meets the ASTM-D6751 specification remains one of the best alternative fuels to petroleum diesel. GeoGreen maintains a high level of quality control to consistently produce biodiesel that meets or exceeds the current ASTM-D6751 specification.